General Questions

What is Alfa-Track?

Alfa-Track is a web analytics service. We provide tools that helps you to track the sources of your customers, gather statistics and automatically measures effectiveness of marketing providing an opportunity to improve your business results.

What types of email tracking exist?

There are 3 types of email tracking: static, dynamic and offline.

How does dynamic email tracking work?

Dynamic email tracking. Alfa-Track script assign each of your site visitor its own email. Your customers write to the inserted email. Alfa-Track finds letters from new customers and collects the statistics.
This allows you to determine which marketing initiatives drive the greatest results.

How does static email tracking work?

You assign each source its own email in Alfa-Track personal account.
When new customer come first time on the website, he sees a replacement email address, whose name depends on the source. After the customer wrote to your mailbox, Alfa-Track identified its source and stored the statistics. This option is used in case you need to save the beauty in the mailbox adress name.

How does offline email tracking work?

At first, each source is assigned an email in your Alfa-Track personal account.
Then, you insert email to its appropriate source. Its can be sites of partners, billboards, printed advertising, business cards, newspapers ads and so on.
When new customer approached you from one of the sources, Alfa-Track determines the type of source, collects the information and sends it to Google Analytics.

On what types of advertising could email address be placed?

In short, you’ll want to put an email adress on everything. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, the following:
Landing pages
Social media sites
PPC ads
Sales collateral
Print ads
Newspaper Ads
Mobile App campaign
Business Cards

How accurate is email tracking?

Unlike call tracking, where the phone numbers is limited and possibility of erroneous coincidences is present, email tracking provides 99% accuracy. Is not limited by the number of email addresses and not depends on user sessions.

Contract is required?

It is not necessary. With sign up you accept the rights and rules, this is sufficient to use the service.

How can I contact support?

You can send a request to contact form or by writing to us at support+faq@alfa-track.com.

Is it possible to conclude a non-disclosure agreement(NDA)?

Of course it is possible, we are doing everything to reliably protect the customer’s information. To make a request for NDA contact as via email support+nda@alfa-track.com.


Where reach emails that sent to the address containing “+” symbol?

 Thanks to the international standard for the functioning of e-mail rfc5233 , all letters that sent, for example, on sales+12345@yourcompany.com, are delivered to sales@yourcompany.com.

Why digits after “+” symbol in dynamic tracking are used?

Because it allows you to find out the advertising source right up to the search query that the user entered before click on ad.

Is it possible to use “-” in the email address instead of “+” ?

Yes, it is possible but requires additional settings of your mail server. If you want to use this feature, you need to contact our support team.

Can I choose my own tracking email address name?

If you use static or offline tracking, you can choose your own email name for each source in your personal account.

How long does the user see modified email address on the website?

 If you use dynamic email tracking, each user is assigned an address for 2 years. At each visit of the same user on the website, he sees only one fixed variant of the email name.

How many mailboxes can I connect?

Free plan supports only 1 mailbox with a maximum size of 10,000 emails. Paid versions supports an unlimited number of boxes of any size.

What mail services are supported?

We officially support the next Emails services:

  • Gmail 
  • Outlook.com, Hotmail.com and Live.com (with one-time confirmation),
  • Yahoo (with “-” symbol)
  • Zoho mail (only domains mailboxes)
  • Yandex
  • Rambler
  •  QIP
  • Ukr.net
If my company has its own mail server?

It is possible to connect any mailbox via IMAP. A prerequisite is the support of the standard rfc5233.


What is lead?

Lead is the customer who applied to your company for the first time.
Thanks to the development of a system for recognizing new customers(SRNC) using machine learning and Google Big Query, Alfa-Track identifies leads with an accuracy of 95% without human participation.

Where will my results be reported?

All statistics and reports you can see as in personal account as in Google analytics.

What information goes into Google Analytics?

As soon as a new customer contacts your company the event hit is sent to Google Analytics. Thanks to the transfer of additional parameters such as clientid it is possible to view the entire visits history of each lead.

Also there is an additional opportunity to send emails as event labes, but in this case you violate the Google PII requirements.

What reports are available in personal account?

You can see the various of different useful graph, for expample by source of leads, expenses by source, cost per lead by source, leads funnel, and other

Also detailed table is available in which you can see such indicators as CR, CPA, CPL, CAC, CPO, ROMI, LTV in the context of each campaign.

What’s the difference between analytics and dashboard tabs?

Dashboard that available in the free plan shows only the leads that have been accessed through the email.
The analyst is available in paid plans, displays all the leads and also has extended reports.

What report formats are supported?

Supports browsing in the web view as well as download in PDF format.


What is tag manager gallery?

This is the place where you can install any of interested you container in 2 clicks, as well as add your own or share it with other marketers.

How can sales quality module improve customer service?

With the sales quality module, you can analyze the number of new customers losses, how quickly the managers respond to the customer requests, how long the communication is maintained, the average time that spent for 1 customer and other useful information.

How does automatic import costs work?

You connect one of supported advertising system in Alfa-Track personal account. After that, all information about expenses in automatic mode goes to your Google Analytics account once per day. This allows you to correctly calculate such indicators as Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead, Customer Acquisition Cost, Return Of Marketing Investment, etc in the source, campaign and even keyword context.

How to configure sending custom reports as notification?

This option is available only in the elite version. To configure sending of any report you need to contact our support team.


What is the agency account type used for?

Its used for the agencies that want to analyze their customer statistics and reports in one account, switching between customers in 2 click.

What types of customer interaction exist?

The commission agreement is the only format of the partnership between the agency and Alfa-Track for the moment.  The bottom line is that customers independently make financial calculations with the Alfa-Track, but the agency sees all the reports, statistics and gets up to 30% of the spent amount by its customers.

What determines amount of commission?

The commission depends directly on the spent amount by agency clients. The larger sum is the higher commission. For more specific information, please contact welcome+commission@alfa-track.com.

How often commission paid?

First day of every calendar month.